Advocacy & Liasoning with Media

Capacity Building and Orientation Workshops for media personnel have always been Vatsalya’s strong suit. Interacting with the media, apprising them of the ground realities, motivating them to highlight the issues in their articles and coverage and ensuring broad based dissemination of information pertaining to the Act and the issue have been the driving factors in these workshops. Major publication houses like Times of India and Hindustan have constantly kept the issue on the front pages in all the districts while many local publications, journals, magazines, etc. also play their part in ensuring that the public is well aware of the dismal scenario of Declining Child Sex Ratio and its consequences.

This collaboration with the media across the state has yielded high results as the coverage of the issue has become of prime import which in turn pressurizes the authorities into taking strict action against offenders and also in tightening the implementation of the Act in the state.