Vatsalya with the support of Plan India initiated this program. It covers the issue of child rights mainly- optimal health, right to education, right to water and improved sanitation, right to economic security, right to protection, right to participate etc.Vatsalya is working at the grass root level in villages to help communities make real and sustainable changes, so that their children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. A child centered approach is one of the components of a successful community development process.


Bal Suraksha


The child centered community development (CCCD) approach relies on the collective action of civil society to generate the empowerment of children to realize their potential, and on the actions of states to live up to their obligations under the UN convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Although the term CCCD implies a focus on the community, the approach incorporates an understanding that meaningful changes in the lives of children require social, political, economic and cultural changes at many levels, transcending community and even national boundaries. The communication activities that characterize the CCCD model are merging with participation and advocacy. Children are speaking out in their communities through different channels. In 2010 Vatsalya with support of Plan India initiated the project CCCD in 20 communities of Mall block at Lucknow district which is now currently implementing in 31 communities of Mall block. Poverty has its greatest impact on children, and that the experience of poverty as a child can have lasting consequences into adult life. The focus of aforementioned development work is therefore on building communities where children’s needs are met and where they can grow and develop.

Model VHND in 5 community was celebrated which led in 80% increase in immunization, 100% increase in TT vaccine among pregnant women & 70-80% in adolescent girls. 100% BP check up