Under this project, Vatsalya has created the awareness and sensitization between the masses and to stir the souls of every individual to an extent where the concerned stakeholders would come to forefront to rescue the future daughters of our country.This project was launched in 4 states namely Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Jharkhand.Cases registered as a result of triggering advocacy towards first the functionality of District PCPNDT advisory committee and than towards proper implementation of the law further strengthened the spirit of the program as well as of the organization involved in the program.


Under this project, efforts were made to aware the people about the importance of Birth Registration since just the way it is the right of every individual to see the light of the world in the same way it is the right of every individual to get the nationality of the nation that he/she is born into. Birth Registration thus fell into place to be a part of our campaign against female foeticide and for birth/death registration.