Vatsalya a “resource centre on health” has been strengthening and empowering the grass-root level NGOs and other functionaries working on health issues through capacity building training programs, documentation, research and advocacy. Vatsalya has developed and published a variety of study and learning materials. Quarterly news letters, analytical documents, booklets, reports, study reports, flip books & hand books, collection of songs and slogans, audio cassettes, CDs, card games, FAQs, brochures & posters, pamphlets.etc are also available to provide technical knowledge and information in a simple and operational language.

The available material can be used as resource material (IEC material) by grass root level workers or NGOs, students, researchers, trainers, motivator etc. to enhance their knowledge and practice.

The suggested contributions for the publications have been indicated alongside each title-


Kanya Bhrun Hatya Sambandhi Prayah Puche Jane Waale Prashn Va Unke Uttar (Price Rs.45.00)This book contains the FAQs based on the experience and learning of Vatsalya in context to the subject of female feticide and related issues.This booklet will help the people from all the strata of the community working on the issue of female feticide and also help in strengthening the implementation of PC-PNDT Act.
Janm Panjikaran Sambandhi Prayah Puche Jane Waale Prashn Va unke Uttar (Price Rs.45.00)This book contains legal & behavioural information on birth registration. It includes community based problems, queries and their answers.
A Study On People’s Perception on Female Foeticide in Uttar Pradesh-2000 (Price Rs.75.00)Vatsalya with the support of Oxfam (India) Trust conducted a study on the people’s perception on female feticide in U.P. This study explores the reasons and ways to combat the problem.
Srajan (Price Rs.30.00)The book includes songs & slogans on various issues of health based on the observations & assessment of community beliefs by Vatsalya, which can be used for wall writing or rally at community level.
Khel-Khel Mein Mitaye Ling Bhed (Price Rs.30.00)This game (snake & ladder) will help to address the positive and negative aspects of related issues of gender within the community.
Frequently Asked Questions on Sex Selection & PC-PNDT Act (handbook) (Price Rs.10.00)This book provides the general information on legal & behavioural issues on female feticide and PC-PNDT Act especially for medical professionals.
Astitva Ki Dhoop (Price Rs.20.00)This book is a compilation of songs related to gender and female feticide.
Swasthya ma, Swasthya Navjat (Price Rs.10.00)This book contains the pictorial description about new born care & healthy positive behaviours.
Daiyo Heto Sachitra Pushtika (Price Rs.100.00)The book provides the pictorial description for TBA. It is helpful in providing training to TBA and this book also includes the case studies which are useful to explain various aspects related to the former.
Yuvaon Ke Prajnan Avam Yaunik Swasthya Ki Samuchit Samajh Hetu margdarshika (Price Rs.250.00)This illustrative book will help the local care givers, AWW, grass root workers, guardians and the active stakeholders to understand the issues related to reproductive and sexual health which in hand will help them to resolve the problems faced by you
Flipbook on ‘Stanpan Avam Bachchon ke Sahi khan-pan Sambandhi Aadatein’ (Price Rs.120.00)This flipbook will be used in the community to provide all the necessary information about the child nutrition and breast feeding.
Dai (TBA) Training Book (Price Rs.100.00)This book provides information for trainers for trained birth attendants. This book is helpful in providing training to TBA, which is useful for ToT (training of trainers) to explain various aspects related to the same issue.
Vatsalya Swasthya Patrika (Price Rs.160)Vatsalya quarterly health magazine incorporates the issues on health and nutrition, advocacy along with the experience oriented out comes.
Sthaniya Chikitsa Sewa Pradataon Hetu Takniki Margdarshika (Price Rs.250)This guide was prepared especially for local health service providers which will help them to understand the health issues like RCH, adolescent health etc. it will help in enhancing their capacities.
Navjat Shishu ki Dekhbhal (prachlit vyavharon men apekshit badlav hetu) flipbook (Price Rs.150)This pictorial flipbook was developed for health workers working on new born care. The flipbook depicts the danger signs in new born and reasons for neo natal deaths. This book is very useful for grass root level workers.
‘Srajan’ samudai star par Navjat Shishu dekhbhal (karyakram ke sandarbh men takniki jankari hetu margdarshika) (Price Rs.250)The book contains the technical information on the new born care, pre-existing behaviour in the community & their effects. It is a better medium for social workers to enhance their technical and behavioural knowledge.
Prajnan Swasthya par seekh banana hetu Card Game (Price Rs.65)This game is helpful for developing a better understanding on the issues of reproductive health and other related issues in open sessions during the training and community meeting. It can be easiest method to teach/understand the issue.