This project was implemented in collaboration with the Government of UP (ICDS, health, education & PRI departments) & UNICEF (technical & financial support) while Vatsalya is responsible for planning and implementing the project activities with the support of above departments. Under this project Vatsalya worked on nutritional health and development of adolescent girls with special focus on anemia prevention (under Kishori Shakti Yojana of Govt. of India).Adolescent have to face great physical, mental or psychological turmoil, which may lead to be addressed as the actual stakeholders with sensitivity. This huge group is deprived from skill and knowledge required to make informed choice,avoid risk behaviour,decision making,develop positive relationships and to plan their for facing adulthood.However,it has been increasingly recognized that if health of women is to be improved, the health of adolescents is to be given high priority in RCH II program.For this purpose, Vatsalya has been piloting UMANG project since 2001.