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WASH campaign under Samagra project Datiya ,MP

Project Goal: Address and reduce malnutrition in the SC, OBC community in Datia through a community-based management approach.

Issue : Improving RMNCHA ststus of the intervention area.

Intervention area: Datiya District Datia Block 10 Panchayats

Duration 2024

Inputs: Resources like capacitate Youth volunteers, volunteer young couples, newly young married women, change makers- adolescent girls and boys, married men, PRIs- ward panch, sarpanch, members, VHNC com members.  


Process/ Activities: Implementing regular growth monitoring, health camps, home visits, counseling sessions with adolescents, pregnant women, newly married women, awareness session in schools for adolescents, providing nutritional education, ensuring better implementation of Anganwadi services, and establishing community groups, like- children, adolescents, elder women groups and newly married women.


Community engagement through awareness campaigns and meetings to understand their needs, challenges, and perspectives on malnutrition.

Foster a sense of ownership and empowerment within the community to actively participate in addressing malnutrition.


Capacity Building:

  • Conduct training sessions for community members, especially mothers, on nutrition, healthcare, and hygiene practices.
  • Empower local health workers with knowledge and skills for early identification and management of malnutrition.


Accessible Healthcare Services:

  • Ensure community health centers are equipped to diagnose and treat malnutrition.
  • Ensure regular health check-ups, growth monitoring, and nutritional counseling for mothers and caregivers.


Nutrition Support:

  • Promote healthy cooking practices and diversify diets. Study the local diets and create awareness on nutrient rich diets.



Education and Awareness:

  • Conduct regular awareness programs in the community on the importance of balanced diets and the consequences of malnutrition.
  • Ensure better implementation of nutritional services and entitlement.
  • Child spacing, SRHR, care during pregnancy and post-delivery and post-abortion.  


Outputs: Increased awareness, improved nutritional practices, timely identification of malnutrition cases, and enhanced community capacity.

Increased BCG vaccination rates in the community.


Intermediate Outcomes: Reduced malnutrition rates, improved health indicators, and increased community resilience to malnutrition.

Healthy mothers, healthy children, change in practices, increased child spacing, delay in first pregnancy.


Ultimate Outcome: Sustainable reduction in malnutrition, improved overall health status, and strengthened community self-reliance.


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