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Project SUGANDHA, supported by the Education Champion Network 


Location Mall, Kakori and Malihabad

Project Duration 2022- 2025

Population covered:90,000

What is Sugandha -Is a 3-year initiative focusing on 300 adolescent girls in 3 residential schools under KGBV (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya) located in Mall, Malihabad, and Kakori blocks of Lucknow districts. key components of the project is empowering the girls through creative workshops and wide-scale public education. The girls in KGBV and the targeted villages will receive life skills training to equip them with essential tools for personal growth and development. Additionally, public education initiatives will focus on addressing gender issues, child marriage, abuse and violence, women-centric laws, and socio-cultural barriers hindering girls' education. To ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the project, linkages and convergence with existing schemes and programs will be strengthened. This includes establishing connections with relevant government initiatives, strengthening statutory forums, and providing access to social entitlements for the girls and their families.

Understanding the social, economic, and cultural barriers faced by the families of girls residing in KGBV is another important objective of the project. This knowledge will help in tailoring interventions that address the specific challenges faced by these families and create a conducive environment for girls' education.


To understand and address the social, economic & cultural barriers and background of the families of girls residing in KGBV.
To sensitize the community, key holders and government front-line workers on Gender stereotypes and barriers for girl’s child education.
To empower girls through imparting critical  life skills to adolescents girls in residential setup & community and see their impact on their once they leave the schools.
To improve enrolment and retention in school primary, upper primary and secondary education.
To support policy and programs at the local/district & state level with the help of evidence generated.
Expected outcomes
The project will highlight the knowledge, attitude, practises and behaviour (KAPB) of the adolescent girls and other important stakeholders (Parents, Panchayat members, FLW-ASHA, ANM,AWW etc.) in the intervention villages.
Profiling of girls and assessment of learning outcomes of 300 KGBV girls about their family’s socio cultural and economic status, distance of the village from KGBV, parents literacy and other barriers posing challenges in her education will be prepared in staggered fashion over period of 3 years. Through social trajectory mapping
Capacity Building of 36 Mall and 37 Kakori teachers (KGBV & UPS) on gender, the importance of life skills and TLM will continue to add value to demonstrate gender neutral behaviour.
Capacity building of 40 SMC on their role and responsibility will bring motivation among members to play an active role.
More than 200 Parents orientation on gender and importance of education for girl child. Impact of child marriage on their daughter will influence their behaviour by way of breaking socio-cultural barriers.
Development of agency and autonomy in adolescent girls by way of establishing structured creative workshops on life skill.

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