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ADARSH - Addressing Adolescent Rights to Sanitation, Hygiene and Health

Project Update: Addressing Adolescent’s Right to Sanitation and Hygiene (ADARSH)

Donor: Bank of America

Coverage Area: 6 blocks of Lucknow district, encompassing 60 schools and 400 communities.
The ADARSH project, generously supported by Bank of America, is making significant strides in improving sanitation and hygiene practices in Lucknow district. Implemented across six blocks of the district, including Kakori, Bakshi ka Talab, Gosaiganj, Mall, Malihabad, and Mohanlalganj, the project targets 10 schools in each block, totaling 60 schools. Beyond mere infrastructure development, ADARSH recognizes the importance of community mobilization and knowledge dissemination to effect lasting behavioral change regarding sanitation practices.


•    Enhance WASH facilities in schools.
•    Foster positive WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) practices among schoolchildren and teachers.
•    Empower adolescents to lead and advocate for better sanitation practices within their communities.
•    Address menstrual hygiene management (MHM) through awareness-raising and provision of usable facilities in schools and communities.
•    Water Sanitation Component: In addition to sanitation efforts, the project places a strong emphasis on water quality, cleanliness, and management. Through community engagement and testing of 760 water sources, awareness has been raised and treatments applied, rendering water suitable for domestic use. Maintenance and repair of 170 community water resources have further benefited 5,600 individuals, ensuring sustained access to safe water.



Activities Performed

  • Celebration of special days (Global Jal Diwas, Happy period day, Hand Hygiene day ) .
  • One day Training of Staff on Water Audit.
  • Group formation & Creative workshop with Adolescent group on WASH & Life skills issues.
  • One days orientation of Adolescent leaders Construction & repairing of water resources.
  • Repair and Maintenance of WASH facilities in schools.
  • On going Swachh Jal Campaign  (Awareness through van,  Meeting with Jal samiti, Goshthi on water quality, community based water audit and dissemination etc Orientation of Jal Sakhi and  adolescents girls on water quality & management  (20 participants X 3 Blocks).
  • Water testing -Quality of water and water hygiene (Jal Chaupal at Panchayat level Meeting with Stakeholders at village & Block level) on Quarterly Wall paintings in community and institution .
  • Printing of Pamphlets /Brochure /booklet/ Poster, Canopy, etc.
  • learning material & Stationary  for Adolescent Resource center for 42 new village and some material for other villages.
  • Developing identity materials for Adolescent leaders, jal sakhi,  ( I-card,  Cap ) Monthly Meeting with Team 


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