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Enhancing Reproductive Health: Promoting Contraception, Family Planning, and Life Skills in Communities

About the Program

  • Aao Batein Karein” Project works with the thematic pillar of Family planning to improve the reproductive health of men and women in the age group of 15-49 years.
  • Awareness generation on Sexually Transmitted Infections has been added to the program this year.
  • Project is being implemented in 12 urban slum communities of Lucknow.
  • The project is being implemented by Vatsalya since 2018 with the support of the HCL foundation.

Location: 12 Urban Slums of Lucknow



  • To reduce unmet need for contraception by promoting use of modern methods, increase male participation in family planning.
  • To promote legal age at marriage, right age of pregnancy and life skills amongst adolescents to promote adoption of healthy behaviors on sexual and reproductive health.  
  • To improve access and supply chain of contraceptives within the community and increase linkages for services with public health system.
  • To further build capacity of FLW and depo holders on family planning counselling, hence the same in the public health services.


  • Interpersonal counseling of Eligible Couples by household visits.
  • Strengthen the capacity of ASHA/Depot Holders on family planning counseling and their joint action on UHSND.
  • Mainstreaming supply chain management and reporting of Family Planning materials and services in the community as well as health centers.
  • Continuing male participation in family planning and Adolescent life skill workshops.
  • Awareness generation on STDs/STIs to improve the sexual and reproductive health of the community people.
  • Making linkages of adolescents interested in vocational training with the HCL Uday partners conducting vocational training.

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